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Top 3 High-End Touchscreen Handsets in India

BlackBerry Storm 2 – Rs. 28,499 (MOP)
BlackBerry’s previous edition of the Storm was the first time the company ventured into the touchscreen segment so we can forgive them if they didn’t get it all right for the first time. But following that old adage ‘If at first you don’t succeed…’, lo and behold the Storm 2 took things to the next level. Incorporating a few subtle differences like a full capacitive display, 2GB of internal memory and Wi-Fi its weight has gone up just a little bit.

It’s still equipped with a GPS module (no Indian maps yet so it’s Google Maps to the rescue once again), Bluetooth with A2DP, a video player that reads DivX and XviD formats and 3MP autofocus camera. What you should really look forward to is the firmware update for the OS to version 6.0. It’s a good buy now, and will be better when the new OS kicks in.

HTC HD 2 – Rs. 37,800 (MOP)
HTC’s HD 2 is by far one of the largest handsets available on the market today. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s almost as good as tablet PC, well a tablet netbook anyway. Running on a Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Edition with HTC’s Sense UI, all of your social networking, emails, messages and music amongst other features are all available at a flick of your finger.

It’s a great handset for business and play but does have room for a few improvements like media player that supports DivX and XviD formats. It’s loaded with all kinds of connectivity from 3G to Wi-Fi and Stereo Bluetooth. It also comes with a 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash. It may be pricey but it does have a lot to offer in a very slim, sleek package.

iPhone 3GS – Rs. 35,500 (16GB) and Rs. 41,500 (32GB)
The 3GS may have reached as a little late, correction, really late; however it’s here and is a definite improvement over the 3G in quite a few ways. While it may retain the same design, (I do like the new white background though) some of the hardware has been upgraded, for instance, the camera has been upped to 3.2 megapixels with an autofocus lens that’s also capable of video recording and touch focus as well.

The 3GS also has a faster processor giving the handset a smoother and faster flow to the OS. Prices have unfortunately not changed even though the handset itself is almost a year old now and is still available exclusively with Airtel and Vodafone. However as touchscreen devices go, the Apple is a formidable handset that can hold it’s own against all others.

The handset prices listed here, except for the iPhone 3GS are Market Operating Prices. The MRPs are much a little higher.

Another iPhone 4 Sighting ?

Looks like this whole iPhone 4 secret has gotten away from Apple full force, with another sighting coming from Vietnam. This one’s got three and a half minutes of video to go with it although just like the Gizmodo iPhone, this one appears to have been remotely disabled as well so we can’t see what the actual operating system looks like.

According to Engadget, this iPhone was bought for around $4,000 and it’s been opened to reveal the actual Apple A4 CPU. Part of me kind of wishes that this is the biggest hoax in the history of consumer electronics, perpetrated directly from Apple itself, though something tells me it’s not.

VIA TechLand

Blackberry or iPhone ?

Blackberry or iPhone, the toughest choice ever! Do you often wonder which one you should opt for? Most certainly, both these devices have a huge appeal and the war between the Blackberry devotees and the iPhone lovers is persistent! Before you start pulling at your hair, let’s make your decision a little simpler.

Round 1 – Application Wonderland

How about a cookbook on your phone, or an accounts journal to maintain your daily expenses? There’s an application for every step that you take or every decision that you make, travel guides, maps, weather forecasts, getaway reviews, flight statuses and so on, the iPhone has an application for every affair! You can also innovate and make you own application if you know how to. Though Blackberry enthusiasts call it an application clutter, iPhone users argue it’s not!
Round Winner – iPhone

Round 2 – Gravity’s Call

“Hello!” *drops phone* “Oh Damn!
Story of our lives, isn’t it? No matter how careful you are with your phone, you can’t deny that gravity plays its cards and draws it down every now and then. Here, iPhone lacks the durability factor. The touch screen and motion sensor features of the iPhone make it fragile and slick. So if it falls on the face, all you can say is R.I.P! Cracked screen is a common issue that iPhone users address whereas a Blackberry, the worst that we’ve heard is that the surface gets scratches! So all ye butter fingers, know what to opt for!
Round Winner – Blackberry

Round 3 – Let’s Game!

Even though you can download and play games on a Blackberry as well, the fun of playing on a touch screen, motion sensor enabled phone is absolutely overwhelming.
From action sports to board games and from street fights to logic games, you can get them all on your iPhone.
Round Winner – iPhone

Round 4 – Ping Pong Time!

The instant messenger service or the BBM (Blackberry Messenger) is the most alluring aspect of a Blackberry smart phone. For a monthly rental, you can connect with your friends with unlimited live messaging and can exchange pictures, pings and voice notes, instantly. Exciting and fun, makes communication simpler and defeats the iPhone in this arena.
Round Winner – Blackberry

Overall, as we mentioned earlier, the war is never-ending. But the conclusion that we come to is, that if you are a techie and love gaming then the iPhone is the one for you. Whereas on the other hand, if you want to stay in touch with your friends 24/7 and share your tales over constant mails, get the BB baby!

Disclaimer – The notions expressed in this article are solely on the basis of facts and opinions of the users of the phones.

Possible Pictures of the Upcoming iPhone 4G Leaked

According to engadget.com, they have received photos of what looks to be the upcoming iPhone 4G. The iPhone 4G is set to be unveiled later this year, most likely on June 22nd. The device was apparently discovered on the ground of a bar in San Jose, California. It was being stored in an iPhone 3g case to hide its identity, and not many details about the phone are currently known. According to engadget’s tipster, the device has a front facing camera, 80 GB of storage, and is running a newer version of the iPhone OS than what is currently available. As of right now they have not been able to get the device to boot, possibly because Apple has remotely disabled it after realizing that it was lost. This post will be updated as soon as more information about the device becomes available.

Source: Engadget

7 Reasons Why The Windows 7 Phone Is THE iPhone Killer

The sleeping giant is back. With yesterday’s announcement of the new Windows Phone 7 I believe we are seeing the rise of Phone 7 as the iPhone killer. Forget Android, this is the one you need to pay attention to.

Why? Scale, style and apps are the key reasons. Not to mention one of the longest computing heritages and a suite of services that range from business to entertainment, browsing and searching.

The Windows Phone 7 hooks this all together in a way that puts the market on its head. Instead of emulating what others have done, Microsoft has taken a radical approach to the phone. I give you 7 reasons why I believe this is the one.

4436580190 7ce6725dd3 m 7 Reasons Why The Windows 7 Phone Is THE  iPhone Killer1. Tiles

From the get go, this just looks better. The tile function of the screen replaces the icon displays seen on the iPhone and the Android with living breathing tiles. Just picking up the phone you can see what is going on in your world without opening any app.

I know we can have push notifications on the iPhone and alerts on the Android but they both require some element of effort. The push notifications don’t always hang around on your iPhone and on the Nexus I have to slide the thing down and then read through the various bits.

This delivery of information is just one example of how Microsoft are looking to fully innovate with this phone, not just deliver a version of what the market is used to.

2. Hub Strategy

The Hub strategy is core for Windows Phone 7 and it makes a lot of sense. So, I will have a music hub in the shape of the Zune app. But this app is not restricted to content I have uploaded to, or bought in Zune, but all the music content on my ‘phone. On my iPhone I have many music apps, each with different content. I have to remember where my music is before I can play it. With the 7 I can access my music in the various apps, or I can have a centralised hub of music.

musicvidscreen web 7 Reasons Why The Windows 7 Phone Is THE iPhone  Killer

Take the hub strategy across to other content, like business documents and Office becomes the business hub. This strategy gives me the best of both worlds, I can use my preferred app or I can find it in the main hub. Smart.

officescreen web 7 Reasons Why The Windows 7 Phone Is THE iPhone  Killer

3. Sexy Apps, Lots of Apps

It’s all about the apps. We saw some great app demonstrations yesterday from some of the biggest names in Apps. Seesmic, Foursquare, Shazam, the Associated Press – all bringing apps to the 7. So, we don’t need to worry about not having the big names you are used to. It looks like they are already lining up to come on board.

4436464148 f0d998258b 7 Reasons Why The Windows 7 Phone Is THE  iPhone Killer

Quality Apps – the demonstrations we saw yesterday (longer post here) all looked awesome with plenty of depth, functionality and interaction. These apps were developed in 3 weeks running the new Silverlight platform announced yesterday. With around six months before the 7 will be released there is plenty of time to further develop great apps.

Try before you buy – forget this lite/pro app business. You get to download the app as a trial. The functionality for the trial is core to the new Silverlight toolbox, so it is down to the app developers to decide the best way for the trial. Some apps may be fully functional but on a limited trial time. Other apps may have limited functionality or the first few levels of a game.

4. Games

Did we mention games? Forget Flight Control, how about full on XBOX action on your phone? The graphics look up to it and the game levels, credits and achievements will be recorded against your Live profile.

4436464422 c78d057b12 7 Reasons Why The Windows 7 Phone Is THE  iPhone Killer

This cross performance works on a number of levels. Not only will you be able to continue playing your XBOX games on the phone (we don’t know right now if you can play all of them) but also that it remembers you across platforms so you can pick up where you left off when at home in front of your XBOX.  In a sense, this is what Sony has been trying to achieve with the PSP/PS3 hook up, but with all the other mobile bits added.

If the 7 can be an awesome entertainment platform as well as the business platform of Microsoft’s heritage, this could be amazing.

5. A Great App Marketplace

One of the initial stumbling blocks for Android was the Market. Not only did it not have as many apps as ITunes, the actual interface was horrible (that’s a technical term.) The new market interface is better but still hard to find stuff.

What about billing? iTunes billing is great, if you have a credit card and an iTunes account. Android again, you need a card and a Google Checkout account. So Microsoft will launch with credit card payments, operator billing, and try before you buy.

The operator billing alone should extend the potential reach of app users (anyone under 18 for starters) and offer another convenient way to buy apps.

6. Email

The 7 will have full capability to support not just Exchange accounts but all other major email providers as well. So, you don’t need to have an Exchange account to be using this for email. However, if you do have exchange, this will be a boon.

Remember, the iPhone has Exchange support but the Android does not offer Active Sync. The 7 will offer multiple exchange account sync which will also be good for business users. Let us not forget there are still a lot more people running Exchange emails than Gmail or Apple Mail. Blackberry, are you paying attention?

7. Mesh. Finally

Remember Mesh? Microsoft’s plans to sync your life across channels and platforms? It seemed a little ahead of its time back then but with the 7, finally everything comes into place. Music, work, games, contacts all come of age in one place.

4438865132 b8e4b9bca8 7 Reasons Why The Windows 7 Phone Is THE  iPhone Killer

What we forget (or I certainly did) is that Microsoft has all the component parts to serve my digital life. Email, Search, Gaming, Music. Until now some of those have been a bit crap, the Zune didn’t really inspire, don’t get me started on Vista and pre bing, search wasn’t too hot either.

Roll forward a year and Windows plans are coming together. With the phone the potential centre of my digital universe I tend to gravitate to the platform that gives me the greatest experience to hook them all together. The iPhone gets better but doesn’t perfectly integrate my Google life. Nor does Android completely – Gmail, Google apps yes but other accounts like Google Finance still don’t hook up.

Microsoft is the sleeping giant. Historically not as sexy as Apple, and not as fast as Google. The 7  phone is the show piece if not the centre piece of their empire which will help them back on the path to greatness.

Of course this post assumes Microsoft can get the hardware right. We have seen some great things, beautiful graphics, great games but will the hardware be up to it? Multi tasking is not coming which is probably a smart reason to manage the hardware drain. No doubt they will be working hard to find the right partners to deliver the best handset possible. A glitch in the hardware could be the undoing of such great potential.

Until we start to see handsets in the wild, I will remain with my view that this is the iPhone Killer. You heard it here first.

VIA  thenextweb.com