Blackberry or iPhone ?

Blackberry or iPhone, the toughest choice ever! Do you often wonder which one you should opt for? Most certainly, both these devices have a huge appeal and the war between the Blackberry devotees and the iPhone lovers is persistent! Before you start pulling at your hair, let’s make your decision a little simpler.

Round 1 – Application Wonderland

How about a cookbook on your phone, or an accounts journal to maintain your daily expenses? There’s an application for every step that you take or every decision that you make, travel guides, maps, weather forecasts, getaway reviews, flight statuses and so on, the iPhone has an application for every affair! You can also innovate and make you own application if you know how to. Though Blackberry enthusiasts call it an application clutter, iPhone users argue it’s not!
Round Winner – iPhone

Round 2 – Gravity’s Call

“Hello!” *drops phone* “Oh Damn!
Story of our lives, isn’t it? No matter how careful you are with your phone, you can’t deny that gravity plays its cards and draws it down every now and then. Here, iPhone lacks the durability factor. The touch screen and motion sensor features of the iPhone make it fragile and slick. So if it falls on the face, all you can say is R.I.P! Cracked screen is a common issue that iPhone users address whereas a Blackberry, the worst that we’ve heard is that the surface gets scratches! So all ye butter fingers, know what to opt for!
Round Winner – Blackberry

Round 3 – Let’s Game!

Even though you can download and play games on a Blackberry as well, the fun of playing on a touch screen, motion sensor enabled phone is absolutely overwhelming.
From action sports to board games and from street fights to logic games, you can get them all on your iPhone.
Round Winner – iPhone

Round 4 – Ping Pong Time!

The instant messenger service or the BBM (Blackberry Messenger) is the most alluring aspect of a Blackberry smart phone. For a monthly rental, you can connect with your friends with unlimited live messaging and can exchange pictures, pings and voice notes, instantly. Exciting and fun, makes communication simpler and defeats the iPhone in this arena.
Round Winner – Blackberry

Overall, as we mentioned earlier, the war is never-ending. But the conclusion that we come to is, that if you are a techie and love gaming then the iPhone is the one for you. Whereas on the other hand, if you want to stay in touch with your friends 24/7 and share your tales over constant mails, get the BB baby!

Disclaimer – The notions expressed in this article are solely on the basis of facts and opinions of the users of the phones.

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