Top 3 High-End Touchscreen Handsets in India

BlackBerry Storm 2 – Rs. 28,499 (MOP)
BlackBerry’s previous edition of the Storm was the first time the company ventured into the touchscreen segment so we can forgive them if they didn’t get it all right for the first time. But following that old adage ‘If at first you don’t succeed…’, lo and behold the Storm 2 took things to the next level. Incorporating a few subtle differences like a full capacitive display, 2GB of internal memory and Wi-Fi its weight has gone up just a little bit.

It’s still equipped with a GPS module (no Indian maps yet so it’s Google Maps to the rescue once again), Bluetooth with A2DP, a video player that reads DivX and XviD formats and 3MP autofocus camera. What you should really look forward to is the firmware update for the OS to version 6.0. It’s a good buy now, and will be better when the new OS kicks in.

HTC HD 2 – Rs. 37,800 (MOP)
HTC’s HD 2 is by far one of the largest handsets available on the market today. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s almost as good as tablet PC, well a tablet netbook anyway. Running on a Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Edition with HTC’s Sense UI, all of your social networking, emails, messages and music amongst other features are all available at a flick of your finger.

It’s a great handset for business and play but does have room for a few improvements like media player that supports DivX and XviD formats. It’s loaded with all kinds of connectivity from 3G to Wi-Fi and Stereo Bluetooth. It also comes with a 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash. It may be pricey but it does have a lot to offer in a very slim, sleek package.

iPhone 3GS – Rs. 35,500 (16GB) and Rs. 41,500 (32GB)
The 3GS may have reached as a little late, correction, really late; however it’s here and is a definite improvement over the 3G in quite a few ways. While it may retain the same design, (I do like the new white background though) some of the hardware has been upgraded, for instance, the camera has been upped to 3.2 megapixels with an autofocus lens that’s also capable of video recording and touch focus as well.

The 3GS also has a faster processor giving the handset a smoother and faster flow to the OS. Prices have unfortunately not changed even though the handset itself is almost a year old now and is still available exclusively with Airtel and Vodafone. However as touchscreen devices go, the Apple is a formidable handset that can hold it’s own against all others.

The handset prices listed here, except for the iPhone 3GS are Market Operating Prices. The MRPs are much a little higher.

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